2021 Makeup/ Beauty Trends

Vanessa Caceres (2020-2021), Co-Editor-in-Chief

In today’s society, beauty comes in many shapes and forms. Lipsticks, foundation, and highlighter are just some of the products that many use in their everyday routine. People who love doing makeup always want to get on board with the latest trends or get the best products to enhance their looks or even a boost of confidence. Here are just some of the trends for this year’s makeup trend:

Nostalgic Makeup

When the current decade has many events going on, looking back and leaning into nostalgic beauty trends such as 90’s lip liner,  thinner eyebrows, and bold shadows brings a much needed sense of comfort. 

Supporting smaller makeup brands

We all know that buying from Sephora or Ulta can be pretty expensive. However, many small brands have taken to social media such as Instagram to promote what they are trying to sell such as lashes, nails, and even lip gloss at a reasonable price for those that don’t want to break the bank. Queen V Lashes and Glam Vice cosmetics are just some small makeup brands that have amazing quality as a big brand would. 

Stained lips 

The past year has been tough for anyone who swears by a bold lipstick. While face masks are not going away in the foreseeable future, that does not mean you can not wear lipstick. Just swap your go-to creamy matte red or pink for a stain that’s less likely to transfer onto your mask.

Graphic lines

Graphic eyeliner looks are all over social media, thanks to people getting creative with their eye makeup in response to face masks covering most of our faces at the beginning of last year until now. This year, sharp and peculiar lines are going strong whether it’s classic cat eyes or a 60s inspires space liner.


Colored Mascara 

Even though colored mascara came out during the 60s and 70s, it has made its way back to one of the most popular trends this year. With many colors to choose from such as brown, green, and blue it does the job of elevating one’s look. While many think colored mascara can be quite bizarre it can make one stand out from the crowd. Being fierce is the way to go.


In a global pandemic and with vaccinations rolling out, wellness has never been such a priority. There are tons of different skincare products and routines for all types of different skin to give that glow. Cetaphil, which is a face cleanser, is one of the best cleansers for all skin types.