Theatre Prepares for UIL

Mahee Bhatt, Co-Editor in Chief

It is after school and after a tiring day the theater crew meets in the PAC to rehearse their musical for UIL. They may feel ready for the competition , but practice makes perfect and the crew must continue to rehearse and perfect their performance in time for UIL.

Our theatre’s goal is to put on the best play possible and tell the story of Katrina victims,” said theater member and junior Austin Atencio.

This year’s Tompkins theatre is putting on a one act play called “The Play About my Dad” written by Boo Killebrew. This is a story about the victims of Hurricane Katrina which is a book originally published in 2017. It tells a distinct perspective of the hurricane and its disasters. 

“The play is about Boo Killebrew telling the story of her father, Larry Killebrew, and their reconciliation due to Katrina after years of separation,” said Atencio.

This play is centered around the effects of the hurricane and the story of one particular family, but suggesting many families went through the same. As the crew has been working on the play since January they have made many unique touches to the performance of the play.

“Instead of having a traditional set, our set during the play is made of 26 chairs which we use to create every part of our set,” said Atencio.

The theatre has thought of a way to attract increased amounts of attention to the set year by creating it with chairs. Different than the usual set they believe this will add a sense of distinction in their set. Although the play has been prepared for their UIL performance, the theatre is also putting on a public performance on March 26 at 7 p.m which is free for all first come first serve. This will allow students and families to also enjoy the show as well while being safe. 

“Covid is going to change how the actual UIL play festival is held, we’re going to have reduced seating capacity and it will be harder for students to view each other’s work,” said Atencio.

With these limitations, audiences will have to buy tickets for the UIL competition as soon as possible in order to reserve seats; which are available to purchase on the Tompkins Theatre’s website. Though this year’s UIL will look a little different due to the pandemic the theatre is determined to put on their best show.