March Madness Excites Students


Ella Ray, Co-Print Managing Editor

A single-elimination basketball tournament played each spring in the United States, March Madness is coming in hot as cheers echo around living rooms across the country. Smiles shine brightly as families are given the opportunity to sit down together and spend some quality time watching the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament, bringing out their annual traditions along the way. Sophomore Nikita Jayaraj believes that March Madness is a time where she and her family are able to show their support for each other while watching the chaotic game.

“My family and I are looking forward to seeing Duke University play because my dad actually went there,” said Jayaraj. “We love to show school spirit and make that connection with him.”

Feeling the excitement, Jayaraj takes full action to set her yearly rituals into place. To Jayaraj, one of the main events of March Madness is eating as much fast food as she possibly can. This is a thrilling ritual she does with her usual healthy diet, letting loose and having fun as the season finally kicks in.

“We order wings, pizza, and even Taco Bell,” said Jayaraj. “We treat it like the Superbowl and really go all out.” 

Possessing the same mindset, sophomore Maiah Kirtland believes that March Madness is a time where she and her family can sit down and spend time together to just catch up and relax. Instead of watching the game in silence, the Kirtlands like to have fun by adding some commentary on the plays as they go down.

“Watching the game with my family is absolutely crucial,” said Kirtland. “We just love to comment on random moves the players make and get a good laugh out of it.”

March Madness has also given Kirtland a chance to pick up some moves from the players themselves, hoping to improve her form and overall thinking process of playing basketball. She gets loads of inspiration from watching her team miss that basket and immediately seeing them get back into the zone without giving up. 

“I’m so excited to see Wichita play because I always have thought that they were such a talented team with a great attitude and interesting plays,” said Kirtland, “Their determination really does inspire me to continue pushing myself while playing.”