Safe Spring Break Ideas

Mahee Bhatt, Co-Editor in Chief

As March approaches, students are ecstatic about having a week long break from school before finishing the year off. This week allows students to relax and have some free time before the stress of finals approaches. Normally families plan vacations with all of this free time but this year many have resisted doing so. This gives students even more free time. But what to do with that time? Here are some Covid safe spring break ideas which will allow students to enjoy this week off:

  1. State Parks- Living in the large state of Texas enables residents to visit many state parks to go hiking and many of these small parks in nearby cities are open for people to take a day trip, picnic, and enjoy nature. Parks such as Stephen F. Austin State Park, Brazos Bend State Park, Mckinney Falls State Park, and many more provide these facilities. With the large space and openness they have proven to be Covid safe and people are able to adventure into these new places.
  2. Rent a Beach House- Big hotels and resorts may seem to feel unsafe in this environment, but renting a house would allow a completely safe trip. This can give a sense of vacation as new surroundings would provide a home away from home. Also, as it would be in near proximity to the beach people would be able to enjoy the outdoors and get started on that summer tan. 
  3. Cabins/Camping- Another fun outdoor option would be to go camping. There are many camping locations near Katy, even some located in Houston. Another outdoor adventure would be greatly enjoyable since the weather will most likely be moderate during this time- perfect for a camping trip. Cozying up by the campfire and going on nature walks will give people the much needed relaxation from their routine.
  4. Cliff Jumping- Another option available to the public is swimming and cliff jumping. Although going to crowded places is not recommended during time, many parks offer cliff jumping out in the open. These places have been less crowded than other pools and indoor places making it a safer option.

Although Covid has limited people to a certain extent, Spring Break should still be enjoyed by all. These are just a few activities to consider doing while on break in order to make the most of the week off.