Athlete Attend National Signing Day

Athlete Attend National Signing Day

Rachel Bregnard, Editor in Chief

Seated at the center of a single table, draped in navy and gold, Senior Eilana Posada stared silently at the certificate before her. Without another moment of hesitation, she seized a nearby pen and swiftly scribed her signature at the bottom of the page. The audience erupted into a cacophony of cheers and applause, their cries echoing throughout the entire gymnatism. Several of her fellow teammates screamed from the bleachers while her parents, each positioned directly beside her, flashed a joyous smile.

“I was glad to see that my coaching staff and members of my team went out of their way to support my future in volleyball,” said Posada.

On Feb. 6, Tompkins hosted National Signing Day- a celebration dedicated to announcing the school’s most prominent athletes’ commitment to colleges across the country. Posada, one of the ten seniors invited to the event, received a four year scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh for volleyball. Originally, she joined the eighth grade volleyball team as a source of entertainment only to discover her hidden talent for the sport. By her freshman year, Posada joined varsity volleyball and continued to be a decisive member of the team for the entirety of her high school career. In addition to her weekly practices with the school’s athletic program, Posada regularly attends individual training with the Houston Juniors Volleyball Club in order to improve her spiking and overall speed.

“One of the most difficult challenges I’ve encountered in volleyball was the learning curve.  Everyone had been playing since elementary school or early elementary school but I started late. I needed to learn the game fast in order to reach my goals,” said Posada.

While several volleyball players did attend National Signing Day, the event was also populated by a wide array of members from Tompkins’ various athletic programs. Cole Minnick, a senior from the varsity wrestling team, received a scholarship to continue competing for his sport from the University of Buffalo. While wrestling season initially begins in Nov. concerns regarding the ongoing pandemic forced officials to postpone any further matches until March, severely limiting Minnick’s opportunities to commit to a college athletic team. However, despite these hardships, Minnick continued to further his wrestling career by independently training at the Gracie Barra Gym.

“The decision to attend the University of Buffalo was an easy one. They have a strong wrestling program and my extended family lives nearby so I’m never alone,” said Minnick.