Unique Places to Visit in Downtown Houston

Unique Places to Visit in Downtown Houston

Raegan Ervin, Co-Editor in Chief

Although Katy has plenty of places to make yourself busy on the weekends, living in the suburbs can be kind of boring at times. Luckily, it is only a short distance from downtown Houston, where there are several interesting locations that are very worth checking out when you have the free time to do so. Parks, museums, zoos, and more are only a few of the many areas in Houston that your family can visit for a day trip in the city. Here are some of the places you may not have thought about:

Cockrell Butterfly Center- This exhibit is located inside the Houston Museum of Natural Science and is home to thousands of butterflies. Hundreds of species of these exotic creatures are flying around or are hidden in the plants and trees all around the room. If you ever catch yourself home alone with nothing to do on the weekend, this is the perfect place to go to for a cool experience. Tickets are 10$ for kids and 12$ for adults.

Centennial Gardens- Right next to the Houston Museum is Centennial Gardens, a pavilion with several different garden rooms where you can enjoy an outdoor walk with friends and family or take pictures along the pretty trees and flowers that surround the area. It is perfect for a peaceful getaway from being indoors.

The Glassell School of Art- This place is located inside the Museum of Fine Arts and is a real school where students attend courses like art history and studio arts. It has been around for about 100 years and is very unique in structure and style. It has many different backgrounds that would make a cool Instagram photo if you ever went to visit.

Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park-  The Waterwall Park is a popular area in Houston that holds a big, sculptural fountain that is 64 feet tall and recirculates 11,000 gallons of water per minute. It is a beautiful community centerpiece and is a nice place to go to downtown for a day in the city.


Buffalo Bayou Trail- This trail is 15 miles long and cuts across the Houston area, where people from all over come to go on a walk, ride bikes, or go on runs along the paved sidewalk that lines the waterway. It is a pretty outdoor area that is popular for its trees and nature, and it provides a peaceful time in the sun while still being in the middle of the busy, metropolitan city.