New Art Museum Arrives in Houston


Rachel Bregnard


Spheres of scarlet and beige encompassed the glass hallway, showering the passage in rays of cerise. Drops of gravity defying water travel upwards and vanish into a fluorescent backdrop. The plastic branches of neon trees gently brush against onlookers shoulder while tangled, mossy underbrush ensnare their feet.

Located on the west side, on Highway 6, Houston welcomes its newest experimental art museum: Seismique. The technologically advanced gallery spans over 40,000 square feet and features the vivid displays of over 40 nationwide artists. In order to fully immerse visitors, exhibits are carefully crafted with colorful holograms, motion tracking, and optical illusions. Unusual color palettes coupled with advanced mechanical engineering provide Seismique with its distinct surrealist image.

Several of Seismique’s exhibits allow visitors an opportunity to interact with the artwork, however, due to the ongoing pandemic the museum was forced to adapt. Hand sanitizer stations are scattered throughout the facility and face coverings are required to attend the museum’s limited showings. Between tours the galleries will be thoroughly decontaminated and guest are encouraged to download the Seismique mobile app, allowing visitors a hands free approach while still granting access to the exhibits’ limitless entertainment. Tickets are $35 for adults and $28 for children 12 and under. For more information regarding tours visit: