Tompkins holds Course Selection

Mahee Bhatt, Co-Editor in Chief

As the spring semester is off to a strong start, it is time to pick courses for the upcoming school year. Just like everything else the 2021-22 school year course selections will also be held differently due to the ongoing pandemic. Since students are still in KVA, Tompkins has decided to conduct their course selection process entirely online through the Naviance portal which will provide further instructions and can be found in MyKatyCloud. 


Starting Friday, Jan. 29 the online window on Naviance will be open for students to view and select their courses and it will close on Feb. 7 at 3 p.m. sharp. All decisions regarding courses must be made in that week-long period as the portal will be shut down after one week. 


Although the portal will be shut, there will still be an opportunity to make changes throughout this school year. The grade level counselors will begin meeting with students in their English classes on both Zoom and Face-to-Face between Feb. 9 up until before spring break. This will be for verification purposes and any questions regarding courses can be made during these meetings. MCTC students will also get an opportunity to meet with their counselor as they will be reached out to. During these meetings counselors will be able to aid students on which classes they are required to take in order to graduate. Be sure to bring any questions and concerns during this time.


There are many parts of the course selection sheet which may seem overwhelming at first as with each new year students become eligible to take higher level courses. To help in this process be sure to refer to the 2021-22 source catalog which can be found on the Katy ISD website. The catalog will also give information on the electives and AP level courses which are offered at Tompkins. This will provide depth on each course and aid students in endorsement selections. 


There are many different endorsements that are offered and in the course catalog. If a student wishes to graduate with a certain endorsement they must keep track of which courses they still need to take in order to meet the requirements. The counselors will be able to help students if they are missing any classes but students must keep track as this is needed in order to graduate.


The graduation credit requirements currently are 22 foundation credits and 4 endorsement credits, totaling 26 credits in high school. Many juniors and seniors are ahead on this task which will enable them to qualify for late arrival and early release. This should also be discussed with their respective counselors. 


Overall, the course selection process should not stress students out too much and if they have any confusion they can always reach out to their grade level counselor. Just make sure that they make their initial selections on Naviance before Feb. 7 at 3 p.m.