Theatre holds God Spell Musical

Mahee Bhatt, Co-Editor in Chief

It is after school and after a tiring day the theater crew meets in the PAC to rehearse their musical. They may feel ready for opening day but practice makes perfect and the crew must continue to rehearse.

“We’ve been working on it for two and a half months, working with the choir directors on music, and had a choreographer come in and choreograph the show,”said theater member and junior Will Lunt.

Despite the restrictions due to Covid-19 the theater crew has been able to direct a musical and hold rehearsals. Maintaining a safe environment,they are able to collaborate with the choir and even take direction from choreographers in order to improve their show. With the direction and lessons from a professional choreographer, they are assured to perform to their greatest extent. As they are coordinating their music with the choir, both departments are coming together to create this musical. 

“The musical will be held from Jan 21-23 and 29 at 7p.m. and the 30 at 2p.m. and 7p.m.,” said Lunt.

There are many days that they are putting on the musical so there are not too many people at one show. Having many showings will better their performances and create a safer environment for the audience with the ongoing pandemic as the PAC will not be as packed. Also they will have a limited amount of audience in each show to ensure safety.

“The show is a really fun celebration of faith and hope, with such a talented cast,” said Lunt. “My favorite part has got to be the music. Every song is so catchy and fun to sing”.

The musical God Spell was first written 50 years ago. With the mix of modern music and direction the theater crew will be able to create a combination of the best of both worlds incorporating both original music with a hint of a modern twist and choreography. The tickets are now on sale on the Tompkins Theatre website, and there is limited seating, so hurry and get your tickets soon.