Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Mahee Bhatt, Co-Editor in Chief

Thanksgiving is a time for family and togetherness celebrated by indulging in a feast. Traditionally, the main meal eaten on Thanksgiving day is turkey. However, this has changed in many households throughout the years as many people have become vegetarian and vegan and cut those parts out of their diet. Some may think that it is difficult to find foods to make during Thanksgiving with these restrictions, but in reality, if you become creative it is quite simple. Here are just a few of the many vegan recipes which could be made in future Thanksgiving feasts:

Coconut Pumpkin Bread Pudding: Starting out with the desserts, one tasty dessert which can be made is a Coconut Pumpkin Bread Pudding. This will be an unforgettable final course which will leave you with a sweet feeling. Pumpkin pie spice, coconut milk and cinnamon raisin bread combine to make an irresistible creamy pudding which will make the perfect consistency which can just melt in one’s mouth and leave them with the taste of sweet pumpkin. 

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese: Macaroni and Cheese has been a traditional vegetarian meal eaten during thanksgiving as it is creamy and delicious. Also, it is quite filling and could also be used as a side dish along with many others. To make this dish vegan, all that is needed to be done is substituting out the dairy. Once the cheese and milk is substituted for non-dairy items, this meal can be consumed by all.

Candied Sweet Potato Casserole: This sweet and crunchy casserole is the perfect buffer between dinner and dessert. This will prepare your guests for dessert while also indulging in a filling part of the main course. This is the perfect burst of sweetness which will give the guests a sweet tooth to prepare them for the dessert. 

Slow Cooker Vegan Portobello Pot Roast: As you can always just buy a vegan turkey substitute at the store, the idea of the meat being consumed is still there. To make the meal even more special and memorable, making this Pot Roast can be a great option! To make this meal flavorful you can add ingredients such as slow cooked meaty mushrooms, vegetable stock, and the perfect blend of rosemary and thyme. This pot roast can be a great substitute for the main meal.

With these great options, Thanksgiving can be celebrated easily as a vegan. Along with these, there are many more options which can be made not only on Thanksgiving days but also year round.