Tompkins Tries New Final Exemption System

Alkhatab Mizyed

        2020 has been different, and although this school year has been different from what the students are used to, exams are in a month. Students need to start thinking about exams, and make sure they are eligible for exemptions. This year exemptions are different and easier to acquire 

    “This year’s exemptions are a little bit different from last year’s exemptions. The amount of exemptions each student has is decided on their grade. Freshmen have one, sophomores have two, juniors have three, and seniors this year can exempt all of their classes in both semesters,” said Associate Principal Ryan Labay.  “Getting eligible for exemptions this year is going to be easier than last year, exemptions this year are based on grades and discipline instead of grades, absences, and tardies from last year,” said Labay.

      Seniors do not have to take any exams as long as they are eligible. Students cannot exempt a class in both semesters, they can only exempt a class once. Seniors, however, can exempt all their classes both semesters if they meet the criteria for it.

    “Student’s will request their exemptions online via QR code and their list will be sent to their teachers. Their teachers will decide if they get to exempt their class because exemptions are based on how their grades are and how they act in that class, so I advise everyone to act good in their classes and to pay attention, because it would be a lot easier for them to not have to take all of their exams,” said  Labay.