Scholarship at Beacon College


Matias Simionato, Staff Writer

   Beacon College is a college in Leesburg, Florida. It has many majors including, but not limited to, Anthrozoology, Computer Information Systems, Business Management, and Studio Arts. One of the main reasons many are attracted to it is the fact that they have students who need specialized assistance with their learning. The school has a majority of students that need accommodations, and they have specialized classes and classrooms.

    Junior Reagan Miller got a scholarship for $10,000. She had gone to Florida to visit the college over the summer and ended up staying there for the rest of the summer. 

“I visited the college over the summer and had to help build some housing and buildings and they got me the scholarship, although I needed to stay for the summer,” said Miller. 

Beacon College only requires the person to stay for a summer and build housing and other buildings and they suddenly have a $10,000 scholarship. These buildings would be part of the college and house the new students that will come.

She will be joining the college when she graduates in two years, she will study Anthrozoology. 

“I like it, it’s pretty fun and is meant for people with accommodations, but it also has normal people,” said Miller. 

Beacon College is a college that allows those who require accommodations, this

means that people with accommodations can go there and feel like they belong there. 

“If a person has an accommodation, then going there would be a great choice, they welcome you fully and allow you to live your best life,” said Miller.