How to find good scholarships


Vanessa Caceres

 As the class of 2021 embarks on their journey for college, applications are being written, financial aid is being applied for and college tours are being held. But the most important of them all is trying to figure out how to pay for college tuition fees.

Every student’s story is unique in its own way, but the financial gap in paying for college is still apparent. Scholarships can help to lessen the impact of rising tuition costs including textbooks, schools supplies, and more. These opportunities can provide for well deserving students who want to graduate with their degree and give back to their community.

Tompkins Counselor Angie Eller has resources for students who need help on applying for academic scholarships. 

“ The best place to find scholarships is in Naviance. All OTHS scholarship opportunities are listed there as well as a link to national scholarships,” said Eller.

 According to Federal Student Aid, Some scholarships for college are merit-based. You earn them by meeting or exceeding certain standards set by the scholarship-giver Merit scholarships might be awarded based on academic achievement or on a combination of academics and a special talent, trait, or interest. Other scholarships are based on financial need.

“ It is crucial to apply,” said Eller. “ It is super easy however some might require an essay, some do not it just depends on the requirements on that scholarship.” 

There are many scholarships available and to choose from regarding your GPA, ethnicity, the major one will take, sports, and even gender. There is no limit on how many scholarships one can apply; however most scholarships have specific guidelines or requirements in order to apply for that scholarship. 

“ Many scholarships go un-awarded each year due to a lack of students applying,” said Eller.

 Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships to relieve college tuition costs. With that said, There are many websites where one can go and find scholarships that are available. Websites such as,, and are legitimate websites that have great scholarship opportunities for seniors this year.  One can go to their website and sign up for a free account and it will gather all the information they need and it will determine which scholarships fit best within the information you put on when one sets up an account.