Climate Change Changes

Matias Simionato, Staff Writer

The effects of Climate change can lead to our annihilation, and is an issue that persists even in the 21st Century. However when the quarantine first started and people stopped going outdoors, nature had a brief breath of fresh air. The rivers in Venice began to clear up, the wildlife came back to the cities. Climate change halted for a brief period of time. Of course it did not stop, as humanity cannot stop climate change, but it did slow. Since the period of quarantine is over, how has climate change changed?

    One of the causes of climate change is pollution. CO2 in the air burns holes through the ozone layer, allowing the unfiltered heat of the sun to pour into the atmosphere. This will gradually warm up the atmosphere and the planet along with it. The pollution levels in the quarantine have lowered, but not to the desirable levels. So pollution continues to attack the ozone.

    “Climate change is dangerous, it has changed our world drastically and we need to start doing things that will lead to a better future,” FFA teacher Katy Sheffield said.

        Climate change will never stop, it has been going on for hundreds of years, and a little break by humans will surely not change that. So while climate change is continuing, nobody should let it keep them down. People should find ways to help the environment and have fun in these trying times.

 “It is a serious problem that we have to suffer and we can help to stop it by lowering our carbon footprint,” Sheffield said. “We can slow the spread of this [Global Warming] by using more renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.”