Choir sings at Coffee House

Vanessa Caceres

As the school day comes to an end, the main commons turn into a beautiful hall where tables, drinks are being set up for the event. People now start to fill the tables waiting for the amazing talent to be showcased. Proudly, the choir directors look upon their students on all the hard work they put into this magical event. 

Returning senior Sonnie Kimani is one of Christin Reinartz students who will be a part of the first Coffeehouse for the fall semester. 

“ I love Coffee House because you get to interact with everyone who is there and they get to enjoy a sweet treat,” said Kimani.

While it is an amazing opportunity, students like Kimani have to audition for Coffeehouse, they can select any song that fits within the guidelines of Katy ISD which can include underrated songs from underrated artists, songs that are very popular on the radio, or movies or shows. This time around with the pandemic has shifted many events for the fine arts department. 

“ We aren’t completely sure how things will play out because this year is super different so anything can happen,” said Kimani. “ I think one of the few challenges we will be experiencing is wearing a mask all day after school before the event starts, but I don’t think we wear them on stage while we sing.” 

Even though the Coronavirus pandemic has changed or stopped events within the Katy ISD community it definitely did not stop the beautiful talent that upholds the choir department.

“ It makes me feel good knowing that someone else can hear my voice and they automatically feel better,”said Kimani. 

Coffee house is a $5 entry and will be in the main commons on October 30, 2020 at 7:00 pm.