Tompkins Theatre Drive-In Movie


Madison Isom

Starting off the new school year with a play from the Theatre Company has always been a tradition, unfortunately Covid-19 has made some changes to this tradition as well as regular activities. Kelsie Morris, one of the directors, has spent weeks preparing for this big night.

“Instead of having an opening live performance, we have compiled 12 plays all into one movie for students and parents to enjoy,” said Morris.

Many theatre students and parents looked forward to the first performance of the year, but with the new way of life, this year will be one no one will forget. Drive-in movies have recently spiked in popularity once again especially with Covid, making this event enjoyable for people of all ages.

“With new CDC guidelines for many outdoor events, we have made adjustments to the games and activities we do during the drive-in tonight,” said Morris.

Morris has planned many fun outdoor games such as, giant Jenga, cornhole and many other socially distanced games to entertain little ones and families. Among the people who sat in their cars, many others sat in lawn chairs and on blankets to enjoy the film.

“The turnout was better than I had expected it to be. There were a lot of people who had showed up to support the Tompkins theatre company,” said Morris.

The event was held on Friday, Oct. 2 and was from 7p.m. to 9 p.m. Anyone and everyone was invited to come and was able to enter for free. The movie was shown on the side of the Tompkins building, but people mainly sat in the front parking lot in their cars to watch the film.

“It made me very happy to see how many people showed up and to see all the excited parents and students come to support everyone who was in the film,” said Morris.

With how many people showed up, there were staff to help enforce social distancing. Along with the Covid friendly games, the event also played a senior showcase film and an original works short film to further entertain everyone.

To say that the Theatre Company will remember this night forever is an understatement. This will definitely be an opening night that no one will forget and it will be very hard to top in the upcoming years.