Katy Teen Experiences Covid-19


Alkhatab Mizyed

 Everyone can agree that Covid-19 impacted everyone, literally. Whether they got the virus, or someone they know has gotten it. Some high schoolers did not get to finish out their senior year. 

     There have been 25.3 million Covid-19 cases, and 848k total deaths worldwide, and the number is still going to grow as time passes unless we find a vaccine or cure. Most of the people that recovered from the virus are teenagers. 

     Sophomore at Cinco Ranch High School Mohammad Alnuswan got the virus and shared his experience.

     “I had a really bad headache, My nose was runny, My bones were weak and sore, I did not have a appetite, it was hard sleep, I felt like I was dead,” said Alnuswan.”My mom and sister felt the same, we all had the same symptoms.”

      The reason why Corona has not yet slowed down is because social distancing is not as strict anymore, people are getting comfortable with the Covid situation, but why are they? Stores and schools are opening and people are starting to go out. College campuses opened and within a week, some schools have decided to close because of the rapid increase in covid cases.

       Alnuswan encountered the virus while at a wedding in chicago. A Palestinian traditional wedding has three parties. The first is the gathering between families, the women and children go to the bride’s home, and the men go to the husband’s home to celebrate and bond. The second party is when they make henna and then put it on the husband and bride. They also hand it out to the guests and give out chocolate. The third party is officially the wedding.

    “No one was social distancing, no one had masks, and no one had gloves, for three days straight everyone was partying, dancing and having fun with each other,” said Alnuswan.

    Alnuswan found out that his aunt and cousin both had the virus right before the wedding, and he hung out with that cousin a lot.

     “My cousin got it and me and him were with each other the whole time, like literally the whole time,” said Alnuswan.

  If people are not socially distancing themselves, then at least wear a mask everywhere. This virus is real and many people are getting infected by it, so make sure to wear a mask everywhere and do not go out in big groups.