The Umbrella Academy Intrigues

Mahee Bhatt, Co-Editor in Chief

The Umbrella Academy is an action filled humorous show that was first released two years ago in 2019. With its second season releasing just a month ago, viewers have been binging the show. Having an audience ranging from teenagers to adults, it has been featured in Netflix’s top ten list for the past month if not longer. With its interesting and engrossing storyline it is assured to keep viewers glued to their seats.

    The show revolves around the life of seven gifted individuals with divergent personalities who are adopted by a curious billionaire, who creates the Umbrella Academy. The Umbrella Academy was a sort of a private school that trained them to fight and control their unique powers. They were to be famous in their childhood, but now they are estranged, aged around 30, and the fame is behind them. With their father passing away, they reconnect with each other and try to figure out the mystery of their father’s death while being hunted down by time travelers. Coming across a huge discovery, this causes the siblings to become closer to one another and realize the true bond that they have between them. 

    The first season of the show is focused on them reuniting and discovering the major world ending threat while the second season revolves around them trying to make it back into the present time from being stuck in the 1960s. These newly presented challenges help the show keep the viewers watching for more.

   Although it is not yet renewed for a third season by Netflix many people are counting on that new season. The story is based on a comic that consists of three volumes so it is likely that with the success of the first two seasons that they will be announcing a new season in the future. But until then, rewatching the show is the best option we have.