Political convention viewers and their opinions on the upcoming election

Political convention viewers and their opinions on the upcoming election

Tristan Beach, Staff Writer

As election day nears, candidates need that final push to pull as many people to their side as possible. With both the RNC and DNC raking in millions of viewers and three times the money, it’s virtually impossible to predict which convention gave which candidate a boost. But that doesn’t eliminate the use of the anecdotal.

Viewers on both sides of the aisle claimed they watched most, or all four days of either the RNC or the DNC, and as expected, they wanted to hear vastly different things from the speakers. Both viewers express political stereotypes when describing what they expected to hear during the convention. Kelly Heinen, the viewer of the RNC, wanted to find weaknesses about the opposing political party, and the policies that would help America.

“I couldn’t wait to see Trump’s second term agenda, the flaws of the Democratic Party, and about the riots happening around the country, ” Heinen said.

Keana Vapor, a viewer of the DNC, wanted to hear something similar to what Heinen wanted. Although wanting the best for America, both viewers have different opinions on how to achieve it.

I wanted to hear action plans on how they were going to bring Americans together, ” Vapor said. “ I was interested in their plans to provide better education, how they plan to lower the unemployment rate, and their stance on gun laws.

Political conventions often boost the popularity of the presidential candidate included. There were very few instances where political conventions decreased or barely moved the popularity of a political candidate. When looking back on the conventions, both viewers believed the conventions benefited the candidate, however, they both agreed on which candidate holds the advantage.

I definitely think the [RNC conventions]  helped him. He even said he’s going to try to not swear or be non-professional, ” Heinen said. “ I like that. I think he’s going to appeal to a lot of independents and moderate Democrats and liberals.

Although Vapor believed the convention benefited Biden and boosted his chance of election, she believes the difficulty of defeating Donald Trump in the polls will remain high, and will ultimately be too hard to defeat Trump.

I believe the convention helped Biden’s chances of winning the election. I do, however, believe it is going to be particularly difficult to win over Trump, ” said Vapor.

Predicting which candidate will win America in November has been, and always will be, a challenging task. A s the current race tightens, predictions worsen. But people from the outside can pick and choose as they please. Both viewers expressed confidence in the current president, Donald Trump, winning re-election in November.

…I like what he has to say and I think other people do, too. The polls are tightening, his approval rate is going up. Not to mention the millions of silent voters. I’ve seen people say it’ll be a landslide victory for Trump because of similarities of data leading up to the election between Reagan and Trump. But you never know, ” said Heinen.

Although holding vastly different political opinions than those who typically watch and enjoy RNC conventions, Vapor agrees that although she would rather Joe Biden win the presidency, Donald Trump is more likely to be re-elected.

I’m not fully convinced that Biden would be able to get the votes needed to beat Trump. If I’m to be honest, I   believe Kamala Harris is the driving force behind Biden’s victory. With that being said, it’s my gut feeling that Trump will win the election, ” Vapor said.