Your Guide to Becoming an Instagram Influencer

Gabby Andino

Whether it’s a free trip to a foreign destination or charging for a promotion on social media, Instagram has become a remunerative way to be your own boss while making money as well. 

Influencers are content creators across the media who build communities based on a particular theme. As influencers typically hold a visually lavish platform, you will need a potent content theme for better performance. Influencers typically focus on travel, fitness, photography, beauty, food or lifestyle. The more attractive your photos appear, the more followers and activity you are likely to receive. 

Here are some tips that will turn your page into a successfully active account: 

→ Turn your profile to a Business account. For starters, turn your page into a business account. By doing so, you get insights to your posts in able to have a better engagement with your followers demographics along with the maximum time of engagement on your profile and so on. 

→ Find your niche. You will need to pick up a niche, something you are passionate about. It can be anything that defines who you are while presenting your personality. Be yourself and do not try to “fake it till you make it”. Do not pick a niche that is trending, but one that makes you feel comfortable. Rather than posting a bunch of random pictures, figure out what curates into your content. For example, if you love fashion, post content showing your outfit of the day or new clothes. Eventually, by tagging the store’s accounts in your posts, they will feel more inclined to send you free merch. 

→ Hashtags. Then of course, use hashtags. Instagram gives importance to the use of hashtags as they make your posts easily discoverable. Try selecting a trending hashtag within your niche as well as keeping your audience in mind. That being said, 3 to 5 hashtags should do the work. 

→ Have a unique bio. Your bio should say what your account stands for. That being said, your bio should tell your short story, like the blurb on the back of a book, it reveals and introduces what your account is about. 

→ Publishing content. Being an influencer means keeping your account active by consistently posting unique and quality content. Doing so, you gain more exposure across the internet. However, sometimes posting includes picking a certain time your followers are on instagram and having everything 

planned. But that is what setting your profile to a business account is for, by checking the analytics and other tools in your settings, you can figure out the right time to post. 

Instagram stories 

The use of Instagram stories have become popular, everyday more than 200 million users use Instagram stories. Instagram stories not only improve your follower base, but also make your account discoverable with the use of locations and hashtags. 

Extra hacks to keep in mind: 

  • Follow other accounts within your niche 
  • Like 5 or more pictures from other accounts following your niche 
  • Post 1-3 times a day as you recieve more followers 
  • Try to get creative with your posts, angles, filters, editing even captions. 
  • Link another one of your social media accounts to your Instagram account so you can have account visits from other platforms 
  • If you are at a specific or popular location, geotag your post so others viewing that locations stories and posts can come across your account