Ways to Stay in Touch During Quarantine


Jack Simpson

During this quarantine you may feel lonely not seeing the familiar faces you used to see so it’s important to stay in touch and stay sane during this time. Here are some helpful ways of interacting with those you miss. 

  1. FaceTime- though you can’t see people face to face because of social distancing you can still see a digital rendering of your friends faces. With Group FaceTime now a thing it’s even easier to see all of your friends on your screen. 
  2. Social media- with all the various social media apps there are many ways to show selfies of you in your living room eating canned peaches or what you want to do after the quarantine. With Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter speaking to friends is easier than ever. 
  3. Text messages- you can always text your friends like you normally do during classes but now with online classes you can text your friends during that too. 
  4. Phone call- you can always just hear those voices and sit on the couch and talk to your friend about what you saw outside. 
  5. Mailing letters- good old reliable letters noted to those dear to your heart and practice your cursive for when you graduate. 
  6. WhatsApp- WhatsApp is a messaging app that also lets you call, text and video call. You can also share media and documents in groups with other people. It is commonly used when communicating with people outside the country.
  7. Zoom- a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Teaches are also using this to talk to their students for high schools and colleges. 
  8. Canvas- the very same website that you use to do your school work can now be used to message your friends and teachers to check up on them. There is a new feature in your classes called Chat.