Stay Healthy in the Comfort of Home

Stay Healthy in the Comfort of Home

Brianna Plake, Co-Managing Editor/Social Media Manager

  Due to the closure of school for the time being, it is easy to lose healthy habits when stuck inside one’s home. Here are some simple ways that can help solve that issue.


 Although most gyms are closed, people can still workout in the comfort of their homes even without owning any equipment.There are numerous workout videos available online.

Eat Healthy:

Being at home with the whole kitchen in reach without the constant activity of going places or even walking from class to class, students should try to establish a healthier diet.  By eating healthier, students can maintain their helath and find that they may have more energy for their daily activities, like online school.

Listen to Music:

Isolation has been scientifically proven to change one’s mindset and even boost positivity, so during these times of uncertainty it can help keep a positive outlook.

Take Breaks

Not only does music help with keeping a good mental health, taking breaks can give the mind a break from the work. Since Katy ISD is currently utilizing online school students should take quick breaks in between each class.

Position While Working: 

After sitting at a desk or in bed for a while it is easy to become stiff. Getting up and changing the position or even walking around for a few minutes can stimulate blood flow to the rest of the body and give students a quick break.

Drink Water:

 This is necessary for anyone’s health.