Life on Quarantine- Things to do During Self Isolation and Self Quarantine


Vanessa Caceres

As businesses are shutting down and schools are closing, many roads are left empty and untouched by many who travel. While everyone is scrambling to get home and buying their last-minute groceries due to the virus spreading among the community and nationwide, the best option is to keep oneself healthy and prepared for what is next on this chaotic journey.

While it may seem boring  to stay at home for the next several weeks, here is a list of things to do during self isolation:

  • Doing workouts at home through fitness apps or youtube videos 

By incorporating exercise in a daily routine it can help relieve stress or anxiety. 

  • Watch movies or shows 

Create a list of what movies or shows you want to watch from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

  • Take a nap

Since most of us will be inside the house, take the opportunity to sleep more. 

  • Communicate with others through social media 

While we can’t physically be around friends or family you can communicate with them through FacetTime, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • Clean the house 

Cleaning around the house or even a room can be very therapeutic and relieve stress levels.

  • Cook something new

Cooking can always keep one occupied and be a fun way to pass time. So grab a cookbook or a recipe from the internet and get on with the cooking.

  • Meditate

Meditating is a wonderful way of just detoxing stressful, negative energy.

  • Listen to new music 

If you are used to listening to a certain genre, look for other music.  It gives you a chance to explore your tastes.

  • Write in a journal

Jotting down your thoughts and feelings about how the day or the week went can be effective and gives you something to do.

  • Play board games 

Uno , Sorry, Monopoly, and other games can be played with you and your family to bond and pass time. Or play online games using video chat like Zoom.

  • Educate loved ones about the virus

It is extremely important to inform everyone around them to stay away from large crowds and stay home and healthy. 

  • Find virtual tours 

Virtual tours such as colleges, fun attractions like museums had made sure while it may be boring at home that you can take tours of these areas so it would feel like one is physically there.

  • DIY’s

This also a perfect idea when your bored you can always look around the house for some supplies and always look up videos on how to create crafts.

  • Watch the news

During this time it is important to update others about what is going around you.

  • Gardening 

Even though we are in self isolation mode it is good to go outside and breathe fresh air also plant new plants or even just taking a walk around your backyard. 

  • Learn a new language  

As we have all the time in the world why not learn another language. There are specific apps and videos that can teach you the basics of that language.