Ride Along with AP Environmental Students to the Houston Zoo


Vanessa Caceres

It is a calm winter morning, the clouds are kissing the sky as the fresh grass is moving along with the wind. The bright yellow bus parks outside the school, quickly students load the bus awaiting for an amazing adventure ahead.

Junior Natalia Orozco will be part of the field trip alongside Environmental Science teacher Bryan Lindsey.

“We are going to the Houston Zoo on Feb. 26 to apply and use our knowledge that we already know about the environment,” said Orozco.

The Houston Zoo is the perfect place to view different animals that part take to the environment and as well the diversity in biomes and how unique they are to different animals around the park.

“The field trip mainly focuses on biomes and how different organisms in those biomes,” said Lindsey. “Zoos are also a great way to raise awareness of long and short term environmental issues for example at the Houston Zoo have a drive about taking care of the environment such as recycling old cell phones.”

By raising awareness on things like recycling plastic and metal,it can promote the protection of the biomes that animals live in.

“We had a unit on biomes last semester so the field trip is a way for us to see and observe a bit about what we learned first-hand,” said Orozco. “With more hands on experience , it will provide a way for us to really understand more about the environment.”

Attending the field trip allows students a chance to show off what they know about the environment of these animals as well as learning new topics or ideas to discuss in class.

“I am excited to spend time with friends while doing something fun that is still related to school,” said Orozco. “It makes the learning experience more engaging having it visually walking around the zoo.”