UH Engineering Center Introduces New Degree Paths


Raegan Ervin, Co-Editor in Chief


Students head towards their next class as the bell rings, they have spent their day at the UH engineering center in Katy, and they are eager to learn more about their field of interest. Pencils and worksheets are set on desks as students continue to further their knowledge on engineering.

“UH at Katy just opened its doors, and we are offering classes for students who want to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing or students who want to work on graduate degrees in Engineering,” said Marisa Ramirez, the director of communications at UH.

The UH Engineering center in Katy was opened up in May of 2018, at the heart of the well-known energy corridor. The 46 acre facility as of now holds roughly 200 students, and offers several labs and studios for students hoping to attend the UH Cullen College of Engineering.

A task force made up of academic and community members spent time researching the industry in the Katy region,” said Ramirez. “They examined the population and what the workforce would look like in the future.”

The engineering center is a collaborative environment with undergraduate, graduate and certification programs for students hoping to attend the UH Cullen College of Engineering.

The center features classes like Pipeline Design, Subsea Systems and Flow Assurance.Three new degree paths, Construction Engineering, Computer Engineering & Analytics and Systems Engineering are also coming at the start of the fall semester this year.

“UH at Katy provides a convenient place to continue your studies,” said Ramirez. “UH at Katy offers programs that are unique, there is no other place in the country to get a graduate degree in Subsea Engineering.”

The campus is built to be friendly and comfortable, with student lounges and balconies for people to have an enjoyable time exploring the building. The campus is also designed to be instructional, unlike UH Downtown and UH Victoria. It is located near the intersection of I-10 and Grand Parkway.

“The building is brand new and it has lots of light and open space,” said Ramirez. “There is a third floor balcony for studying or hanging out and a Virtual Library.”

Engineering classes offered this year have expanded because of a national nursing shortage and a rapid shift in the engineering climate at the Energy Corridor. The nursing and engineering programs have since helped Katy grow economically.

“If you want to be an engineer, you could take your first two years of core classes at HCC Katy, then transfer to the UH Engineering classes offered at UH at Katy,” said Ramirez.

Many places like hospitals, schools, and other buildings in Katy need the nursing and engineering leaders that are attending colleges like UH. These students’ degrees help set them up to take on real world responsibilities and have critical knowledge for them.

“All these programs help students invest in their futures, in industries that are important to Katy and around the world,” said Ramirez. “UH at Katy is an ideal place for students wanting to further their career in engineering.”