New Things Open in Katy


Mahee Bhatt, Co-Editor in Chief

Some people may think that there is not much to do here in Katy but our city has been growing. In just a few years Katy has grown dramatically not only by population but also by new stores and restaurants. There are numerous things that Katy has planned for 2020 and here are just a few things near us:

Chicken Salad Chick- The fast food restaurant loved by many people Chicken Salad Chick is opening its new location just on Spring Green. This place is prominent in the south and while it already has a location in Katy they are opening up one even closer. Their first location is on Katy Freeway, because of the crowd they have decided to open the one on Spring Green in spring of 2020.

Nekter Juice Bar- As VillaSport, the new gym opens there are many things opening up around it. One of the places opening up is Nekter Juice Bar. They have a perfect location right in front of the Tompkins parking lot on Gaston Road so that students can go there right after school. Also they are opening around the same time as the gym in February 2020 so that people are able to get a refreshing juice after a hard workout.

Andretti- Andretti is a new indoor go-karting and games place with only six locations around the United States so far. Because of their small number of locations, not many people from Katy have heard of this place. They have decided to open up their newest location here in Katy on 99 and I10. This location is said to be opening sometime in spring of 2020.

Katy BoardWalk- This new boardwalk has been talked about for years now, but nobody really knew when it was going to open up. Well we have got our answer, the company has announced for the new boardwalk to open early this summer. People think that this could become one of Texas’ largest shopping centers with its perfect location on Katy Mills Dr just opposite of the mall.

Main Squeeze Juice Co.- Main Squeeze is known for their healthy and delicious smoothies. They have decided to open on 1463 in fall of 2020. 1463 is a perfect location to find new restaurants and has become a hub for the new community growing in Cross Creek. Main Squeeze hopes to become a regular hangout for people in the area and with their freshly squeezed wholesome juices people believe that they can definitely do just that.