Jump Ahead with Katy Virtual School

Jump Ahead with Katy Virtual School

Vanessa Caceres

As the race for the second semester is coming to an end, quizzes, tests and final projects are being assigned to improve the final averages. For some students,it is time to prepare for the new school year.

Katy Virtual School is built upon the online courses that the district has offered ever since 2010. The program was expanded in 2014 to include a greater variety of courses, each course is developed by Katy ISD to adhere and also follow the Katy ISD curriculum.

Katy Virtual School offers two-semester courses such as English 3, AP US History, and Algebra 2 KAP or one semester classes such as AP Government, Health, and Psychology costing at $200 per semester. Junior Ece Sanal will be taking online classes from Katy Virtual School.

“I’m taking Government and Economics online and it’s helping me to go ahead,” said Sanal. “It will be easier for me to graduate on time.”

With the different variety of classes to take, many students can choose any listed classes to either receive more credits or get ahead on next year’s school year through KVS classes being hosted on Canvas.

“Taking these classes will benefit me so when next year comes around I won’t be as stressed for senior year,” said Sanal. “One challenge I have when taking these classes is probably walking in blind not knowing what the class is about.”

Not only can students take these courses in the summer to get ahead in credits, but they are also allowed to choose to do classes during the fall semester of 2020 or the spring semester of 2021. This gives students a better way of choosing other classes they want to take and also doing that specific course online.

“I’m looking forward to preparing for my classes that I will be taking on Katy Virtual School,” said Sanal.

Applications can take up several weeks to process and have to be approved by the school counselor. Once approved, students will be notified of enrollment status through their Katy ISD email and parents will be notified through their domain mail.  Lastly, before the course starts, students will receive another reminder email with their specific Katy ISD login.  Any other questions about Katy Virtual School can be referred to their page on Katyisd.org. Registration started on Feb.1 and the deadline for summer, fall, and spring varies depending when the students requested to take the course.