Fine Arts Department assemble for MasterWorks Concert

Fine Arts Department assemble for MasterWorks Concert

As the stage lights turn on, the stage is set with dedication and passion with the beautiful voices blending in along with the symphonies of the violin, and the mellowing notes of the flute.

Choir Director Christin Reinartz, Head Band Director Stephen Bond, and Head Orchestra Director Matthew Porter have organized a concert to show the talents of  their students and the dedication and hard work that has been placed.

“Our Masterworks Concert is designed to showcase the students in our programs at the highest level, performing the world’s greatest music. Specifically, this year we are featuring the works of Aaron Copland and Leonard Bernstein, two of America’s most prolific and well-known composers,” said Porter.

 Featuring these unique pieces  is all about coming together and working as a team. Nonetheless, providing a great performance, not just for each other but for the audience.

“We hope that a concert of this magnitude will bring awareness to our campus and community in support of the Fine Arts. After being part of a music experience like this, it is our hope that more people will seek out opportunities to attend more of our music performances throughout the year,” said Reinartz. “ Masterworks is only a small part of what the three music programs at Tompkins do.”

The concert went as planned where all three groups played and sang beautifully.

“I think the biggest thing that’s being accomplished here is that the students are being given an opportunity to play some wonderful music in an ensemble setting that they normally don’t get to perform in,” said Bond.  “It is a new and exciting experience for everyone.”

With only a limited amount of time to rehearse, the moment when all groups get together two times was very crucial in order to perfect all errors or clear any misconceptions prior to the concert.

“Selecting the literature for the event is something that takes a considerable amount of time to do well. What works well for the band may not be the right choice for our choirs,” said Porter. “We also rehearse the music in what would be considered a professional amount of time. This year we have a total of only two combined rehearsals. We are able to do this because of our students’ dedication to learning the music on their own and through the magic work we all do in our sectional time.”

The concert took place on Jan. 30 at the Performing Arts Center.