Best of the Worst Holiday Season Cliches


Jack Simpson


As the Holiday season comes around and the weather cools down we start to see many familiar sights that come year round. Not all of them are looked at so fondly however, these are the best of the worst cliches of the winter time.

  1. Mariah Careys “All I Want For Christmas Is You,”

A song that we have all heard a million times since what feels like the dawn of creation. This song always starts playing in department stores right after Halloween, skipping Thanksgiving and getting you in the Holiday spirit. This song feels inescapable as this time of year comes around again.

2. Christmas lights being put up too early

Once Halloween ends you know how the houses are getting decorated, one day it’s spooky ghosts and then it’s reindeer and snowflakes. Lawns decorated with fake neon trees and lit up Christmas presents, houses lined with little halogen lights shining brightly. A pretty sight but when it’s still November, not so much.

3. Christmas Caroling

A wholesome sight of a gathering of people coming together to sing moving from door to door. You always see caroling in the movies all the time, but rarely nowadays do you see it in real life. So go door to door and belt out a tune to your neighbors until they tell you to go away.

4. Writing Santa a Letter

Growing up, some children wrote letters about what they wanted for the holidays and sent it to an old man living in the north pole name Santa Claus. Then they grew up and realized their parents were taking those letters and stuffing them in a drawer or taking cute pictures to upload to Facebook. As a kid believing that an all knowing all seeing entity that controls what you get on Christmas day and being threatened with coal if you were naughty was the perfect way for parents to keep their kids in check, and it was so effective too.

5. Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

Truly a classic song that so many have heard as a child, preposterous since the song itself is about their Grandmother being literally run over by Santa and his reindeer. As time goes on you hear it less, and less but when you do you can recognize it in a heartbeat. The song reminds you of the movie that you saw as a kid drinking hot cocoa.

6. The Polar Express

Everyone has the memory of sitting in their fourth grade class with your friends drinking hot chocolate watching this movie and how strange it was. This movie was always shown on the last few days before winter break as they took a break from teaching multiplication and division. With its classic songs like Hot Chocolate, it is a recognizable classic that anyone can sing along to.

7. Mall Santa

You can find these guys everywhere, they’re like the Easter bunny, always there and always have a kid on their lap. There’s always a huge line leading up to them filled with parents looking at their facebook page waiting to get a snap of their kid crying and screaming their heads off. No mall is complete in the winter time without a mall santa.