Hernandez participates in Miss Quinceañera

Vanessa Caceres

 As the stage lights turn on, she gracefully walks across the stage while hundreds of heads turn in awe and admiration. The judges quickly write down compliments and criticism. Nervously, she reaches the end of the stage and presents herself to the crowd. 

Junior Leonor Hernandez participated in the Miss Quinceañera event and enjoys preparing for a special event. 

“I prepared for it, constantly reminding myself that I can do it and that it is possible for me to get in front of a crowd and model,” said Hernandez. “I also had to train for five weeks every Sunday and practice for my speeches.  I had to show myself that I am capable of doing something like that.”

Even though preparing for a special event can be nerve wracking , it is also a good way to learn and grow confidence and to not be afraid or anxious to be put in the spotlight in front of a huge crowd. It also takes a lot of time and patience to perfect routines or even presenting speeches.

“I got a lot of self confidence out of it, it’s like an achievement that I never even thought I could do in the past. I was just so proud of myself for doing something so bold and especially speaking in Spanish for a competition like this, and for doing it the first time I honestly thought I did pretty good,” said Hernandez.

 Having a positive perspective about the outcome of a certain event can boost one’s self confidence and provide a sense of relief and pride. However, sometimes, there are obstacles and challenges that one has to also face and put in more effort to receive a greater reward.

“I faced so many obstacles, I had to first know that I was beautiful inside and out, pageants like these are all about loving yourself,” said Hernandez. “I had to really focus on myself and know what poses looked best for my type of face shape and body and it took some time to finally figure out how to not be self conscious but I finally overcame it.”