Make Music in Sound Design Club


Diego Martin

Steve Jobs once said that everyone has a creative musical side to them, whether they express it or not. Sophomores Rajat Sarkar and Tarun Jayakumar plan to abide by this saying by creating a new club called Sound Design. Sarkar and Jayakumar are artists themselves, going by the stage names of “Rajat SRKR” and “Blue LYFE”, they make music that have over 10,000 plays on streaming services such as SoundCloud and Apple Music. With their experience in music, they hope to help other students with a passion to make music.

“We want to help people find that creative side of themselves. They should join if they want to learn how to make professional music, and distribute their sounds,” said Sarkar.

Music provides an escape for many students, it allows them to escape into a different dimension. With unlimited types of music, students have the ability to connect with any type of genre and find a love for that genre. Finding something to do that one can enjoy can be hard for a lot of students because many are still not sure what to do in their future career, clubs like Sound Design can help students go over their options in the future.

“Music is my life right now. I love making music, I really do. And when you find something you’re passionate about, you really want to pursue it. So I started making music, and I’ve been getting a lot of plays on my songs lately. Music to me, is the one thing I can really express myself with no boundaries,” said Sarkar.

After getting 10,000 plays on multiple songs, Sarkar presented the idea to Jayakumar about making the club and from there they started to attract people to their club that would soon start. The first meeting was Nov 20 in Sarah Bauguss’s room and they will meet every other Wednesday starting from there. Sarkar and Jayakumar have spent over two weeks preparing the curriculum and are excited to start making music with fellow students in their school.

“Becoming a professional artist is my dream career, but it’s a really hard path. All I know is that I found something I love doing so I’m going to pursue it, and I’m going to help others pursue it also,” said Sarkar.