Jump into Finals Week


Vanessa Caceres

As the race for first semester is coming to an end, quizzes, tests and final projects are being assigned to level out the final averages. Time and dedication will only tell that students put in their school.

The spirit of finals are creeping upon us and the atmosphere is chaotic. Finals week can be a very stressful time for all students but finals can be a way to achieve a better average and finish the first semester with a bang. Here are some ways to prepare for finals.

  1. Review areas that seem difficult or hard to recognize
  2. Use flashcards or draw a mind map
  3. Study with a group of friends at a local cafe or a quiet place
  4. Work the test review given by a teacher
  5. Attend a Power Review at school
  6. Use websites like Khan Academy or Quizlet
  7. Do not procrastinate
  8. Set aside 10 minutes for area of subject