Teach While Studying and Study While Teaching

Teach While Studying and Study While Teaching

Anna Berry

Education is the foundation for which future success is determined. Teachers are some of the most selfless individuals. Countless hours in their day is spent on teaching, communicating with, and worrying about their hundreds of students. Anyone in their right mind would question how teachers ever have time for themselves. Speech and Debate coach and South Texas College of Law student Leslie Hernandez is figuring that out while also pursuing a degree.


“When it comes down to balancing my time as a student and as a teacher, something that is really important is self-care,” said Hernandez. “I know I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing without being aware of myself. Time management is also key.”


To some, it may be striking to hear that Hernandez, who has been teaching for a decade now, is moving on to something completely different. However, practicing law has always been her goal.


“Law School had always been my plan. After my family kept pushing and pushing, I applied. I didn’t think I would get in, but I did. So here I am now studying law while teaching and coaching the debate team,” she said.

Upon her completion of law school, Hernandez will be licenced to practice, achieving her goal and making her family proud. However, in her post-educational career, she still sees a future in teaching.

“While practicing has always been my lifetime goal, I am not ready to leave teaching and coaching debate just yet,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez is just one of many teachers who impress society, having a double life as a student. Another impressing oddity is the fact that some students also double as teachers. Senior Megha Natarajan balances her student life with her part time job as a math tutor at Alpha Math.

“I have been a tutor for about three months now,” said Natarajan. “I really enjoy helping kids who are struggling in school.”

Skilled in math, Natarajan has taken courses like AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and many others at school. She is able to use her advantage in math to tutor elementary and junior high students twice a week.

“When it comes down to managing my time as a student with my time as a tutor, I have a pretty simplistic mindset. Whichever part of my life needs more focus, I focus on,” said Natarajan.