Take A Trip To The Renaissance


Jack Simpson

The Renaissance Festival has been in Texas for years, children have grown up with an experience they can never forget. A land brought back from a forgotten time for all to enjoy, filled with shops, eateries, and performers to take you back to the good old times. With the whole park at your disposal the best way to spend your time is to do it all. Drawing in around 500,000 people every year the festival will be very crowded as everyone makes their way to what may catch their eye, They have plenty of options if they want to eat, go shopping or catch a show.

The shops have all kinds of medieval products to choose from to bring home as a souvenir. They sell weapons, armor, jewelry and even pottery. The choices you have are unlimited in what you can do there with over 50 performances for you to witness and over 90 places to eat you can try a new thing everyday before the festival is over. While this is a blast to the past there are still fun rides and games to participate in such as a petting zoo and pony rides.

If you feel like getting some fancy new duds then go to the Silk Road Trunk Show where they have clothing, belts, jewelry and accessories. If you feel like you want to arm yourself for the upcoming perils then go to the Mystic Armory where they have over 700 types of weaponry and had to open a second shop because so many people would visit them. They even have armaments from TV and movies such as props, replicas or even battle ready weapons for the brave adventurer.

A feast worthy of a king could only be found in these lands, especially at the Barbarian Inn which has turkey legs, po boys, cheese sticks, wings and more. If it is refreshment you’re after try the Barista Coffee and Espresso which has espressos, coffee, cappuccinos and hot chocolate. They also have sweets such as truffles, fudge and donuts.

With plenty of entertainment to boot they have wonderful shows to dazzle their guests. Come see fully armoured combat and be thrilled by daring feats of strength and skill or wander over to Hanlon- Lees Action Theatre and see real jousting with authentic weapons and armor. If you feel like music is what you want to hear then try Saxon Moon, a Nordic group of musicians that play music hailing from old Scandinavia to take you back to a time where your ancestors fought valiantly.

You can get lost in the atmosphere that perfectly replicates the feeling of the renaissance. The festival has been here since 1974 and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Adult tickets are worth $23.95 and children are $11.95. This year the festival started Oct. 5 and is ending Dec. 1 so be sure to hurry and get down there.