Dance into the fall show

Vanessa Caceres

As the stage lights are turned on,  the stage is set and filled with dedication and passion, the dancers are ready to give it their all. The dance department is performing a fall show where students,including the Cavalette dance team, will have the chance to show off their hard working skills.

Rosemary Fortenberry is the Director for the Cavalettes and also oversees the whole dance department.

“Our students begin each year learning the foundations of ballet, this allows us to move forward in all dance styles and teach each class their fall show dance.  It usually takes about one week to teach each class their dance,” said Fortenberry. “ We then spend time reviewing and cleaning the dance, as well as setting formations and the week before our show we spend our class period on stage fine tuning their performance and practicing their entrances and exits.”

Spending time with each class and getting to know that each dancer is unique in their own can make a difference when learning new dance formations and can create new areas to improve significantly. Nonetheless, having a passion and being involved in the dance can make it more enjoyable.

“Participation from our dancers 100 percent affects the outcome of their performance.  It takes everyone involved to be present and committed to their class/dance.  We are always developing and working on our kinesthetic and spatial awareness,” said Fortenberry. “ Leading up to our performance, during our class time, if someone is absent they are all affected and When you are relying on someone in formation for specific movement and they are not there, it can throw off the formation and create confusion.”

Even though participation is an important task for many dance students, there’s always a time where one can feel anxious or even excited due to performing in front of their friends and family and also seeking high expectations for themselves.

“I expect that all of our dance students will be very nervous, but excited for their show.  I hope that they love the experience, as this is a first for many of our dancers, and that they are proud of the work and attention to detail in their performances,” said Fortenberry.

With the feeling of proudness Fortenberry has for all her students in the dance department it establishes trust and amazing bond with all the students that participated during the fall show.

“One of the best parts of being a dance educator is watching your students perform after all the hard work.  In the beginning they may struggle with choreography and picking it up quickly, or not feeling confident about the movement,” said Fortenberry. “By the time they perform, you see confidence, excitement and an appreciation that maybe wasn’t there before.”

Tickets are free and the show will occur on Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 7:00 pm in the Performing Arts Center.