Stay Confident With Style

Vanessa Caceres

    As summer comes to a close, shades of autumn have inspired new unique ideas that will expand and change the beauty of fashion.

    Junior Leonor Hernandez contributes to the fashion world and enjoys keeping up with clothing trends.

 “I tend to contribute a lot of my personal beliefs and upcycling, I feel like fashion is the answer to a lot of social issues by expressing some positive alternatives to relieve social stress. I like to relieve social stress by showing pride in what I believe in, many people tend to hide their passions or own beliefs because they feel like it won’t be accepted in society,” said Hernandez. “I also really love to upcycle, upcycling is a way to get someone else’s old clothes that don’t fit anymore or went out of style to create something completely different.”

Trends such as upcycling and thrift shopping have grown to be very popular and have significantly changed the fashion world with having a good sense of fashion but on a budget.

“My favorite trend right now is how much confidence I’ve been seeing lately, for me that is the greatest thing I’ve seen happen. I feel like a lot of people are growing out of their shells into the person they were meant to be, people are becoming more of themselves,” said Hernandez. “They are learning how to express themselves and make a statement rather than actually following a certain trend. I also really love seeing the same people that were super quiet last year, into the most confident people this year, it’s like they truly found themselves.”

With having a positive perspective it can help bring up self confidence and also can show others how that person acts, feels and believes in just their fashion choices and trends that they are following.

“Some clothes and items I see a lot of people wearing are mom jeans. I feel like people tend to wear mom jeans because when I wear them I personally feel more comfortable and you can throw anything as a top and you’ll still look stylish without trying,” said Hernandez. “Some other trends that are growing to be popular are crop tops, ripped jeans and even animal print.”