Students prepare for the SAT/ACT


Vanessa Caceres

As SAT and ACT season has approached, many students are anxiously and eagerly preparing for the best and worst of the SAT and ACT exam. Only time and dedication will reflect on their score.

There are so many different ways to prepare for the SAT and ACT exam , but the best way is going to a test prep center. Katy Test Prep, owned by Yong Kim explains why going to preps are more important.

“Studying at home is more difficult due to many obstacles being present such as a comfy bed or noise distractions,” said Kim. “Everyone is different when it comes to studying but at Katy Test Prep we guide students one on one so we can help them improve on SAT and ACT skills or even just basic math or reading skills .”

With these preparations it has significantly changed and benefited his students to strive for a better score on the SAT and ACT.  Students also become more confident with answering questions during the examination.

“The classes that my students take for SAT Prep have been beneficial for them because most of my students make a great improvement, starting at 1090 level and significantly increase to at least 1500,” said Kim. “In addition, on the ACT many students average at least 21 at the beginning and by the time they take it again with the improved skills scores increase to at least a 34.”

Attending these prep classes can help students understand what they need to improve on such as getting more help on the reading or math section or simply reviewing testing skills that can change the way you take the SAT and ACT.

“What I hope students get out from doing these preps is to improve in their course and after choose a great college that fits their career and goals,” said Kim.

Even if you do not have the time or money to go to prep classes, there are different ways to prepare for the SAT and ACT such as studying with friends or buying prep books off Amazon or at a local bookstore. Also there are online prep programs such as Khan Academy, College Board and Magoosh that can help and improve testing skills.