Girls of STEM Move towards Equality


Sebastian McNamara

STEM is a curriculum based on four specific disciplines: science, technology, engineering and math. Tina Vu, the sponsor of this club, invites girls and boys to join because of its importance to the world’s future. Vu calls it the Girls of STEM because not many girls are in STEM so she would like to see more girls go into any of those fields. She also accepts boys because more students in STEM means a better future.

“I enjoy taking the students to different events to allow them to learn about new exciting STEM material,” said Vu.

Vu takes the club to different events that include science exhibits, new technology or even new engineering models. She wants to show off STEM and excite new students into wanting to join STEM, and hopefully the club. They also invite others who are interested to take a look into STEM and follow in their footsteps.

The club is mainly meant to get more people into the STEM field and to bring a higher percentage of females into the field. However, the club also takes time to teach and learn more about any new ideas they see when researching more about the field the members enjoy and follow.

“The members come to learn more and more,” said Vu.

The members come to meetings to research, learn and plan. They plan out what they are going to teach at the events they go to out of school. For example, the club will be going to the Robert Shaw Center. These events are meant to be another learning experience to learn from and to acquire more knowledge on what the STEM field is like and the club cannot get enough of it.

They also learn about all of the new ideas and even old ideas that people in STEM use every day for their jobs. The research is to delve deeper into the field to see what else is going on in the STEM field and to see what new projects are being worked on.

This club brings about an excitement that most students might have called bland and boring. This is also a perfect opportunity for students that enjoy any of the four disciplines included in STEM. They get to learn more with other people who have the same interests as them. This club will go far and accomplish their goal eventually.