Managing Life on the Clock


Vanessa Caceres

Every day is a new day of seven class periods and different subjects to learn from. Once the day ends, stacks of study guides, homework and projects are on the desk ready to be worked on. The time is ticking while stress levels are on the rise.

In high school, students are exposed to many classes from AP, Pre-AP, or even electives such as art, dance, robotics, debate, journalism and so many more that fit their interests and careers. Many students are very involved and dedicated to their school work, but this can take away their personal time at home to spend time with family and friends ,which can cause some conflict or levels of stress to increase.

Dax Nesossi currently teaches AP United States History and takes time management seriously. 

“Students tend to procrastinate all their work before it is due the next day and also become distracted due to media overflow,” said Nesossi.

By students using their phones and not doing their assignments or studying, they can lose track of time and these tasks will never get completed or only get half finished. Putting less effort into work can reflect on grades, but there are some concepts and ideas to improve time management.

“Some ideas students can use to improve on managing their is to do assignments in smaller chunks or do homework for 10 minutes to get some assignments out of the way instead of doing all your assignments for five  hours straight on Sunday,” said Nesossi.

Breaking down assignments can make one’s schedule easier and will minimize levels of stress, putting the mind at ease. Kristel Green is a counselor and sees that time management is an issue for students.    

 “High school students in particular struggle with time management because high school classes are harder and extracurricular activities demand more time.  What worked in junior high is no longer effective in high school. Students must adapt and plan their time wisely,” said Green. “Good time management helps students maintain a clear focus and accomplish goals.  Students with good time management will also feel less stress in the long run because they feel more in control of their lives.”

Having time management skills in life is so crucial and can improve one in so many areas other than education. Time management can help organize lives. 

“Stop procrastinating and  reward yourself with activities you enjoy after working hard instead of avoiding working hard by doing other preferred activities. Minimize interruptions and stop trying to multitask.  Working with a single focus is more efficient. Take some time to organize your day and your week,”said Green. “Time management can help students feel accomplished. Students who use their time wisely feel like they are making more progress towards completing goals which leads to feeling happier, more organized, and successful.”