Teaching For the First Time


Sebastian McNamara

Not everyone can say that they chose to become a teacher in order to make a difference. Fortunately, Lacey Campbell strives everyday to be able to make this a reality and it all started with a few short words from one of her teachers. These ideals are what push her so that maybe she can change a routine and make a lasting impression.

Campbell wanted to major in teaching because of how her teacher was helpful to her class and stayed positive every day. She was never able to shake the words her teacher told her. She became a teacher herself so that maybe one day she could have the same impact on her students in the future. Campbell pushes herself and her students harder every day to hopefully provide this strength and inspire her students.

“High school is the age where you become the person you are going to be for the rest of your life,” she said. “You start practicing everyday routines after finding the ones you like in the beginning of your life.”

Campbell teaches differently than most would think. She uses her own methods combined with methods from her former teachers. The variety helps her students as much as she believes they need.

“Making the students do everything allows them to learn quicker and better,” she said.

Campbell is paving a path not only for herself, but also for every single student she will ever have. This path will help many people and hopefully lead everyone to a bright future. Campbell prefers to teach like this because she says it allows the students to learn with first hand experience. It is one of the best ways to teach and one of the best ways to learn.

“When I ask them to do math I have them do everything and if they need help I help,” she said.“I couldn’t imagine having another job and if I could I would teach for the rest of my life.’

Another outstanding teacher is Jala Verner. She became a teacher and did her absolute best just because she cares about the students and everything they work hard to achieve. She hopes that her students understand she cares and is there to help.

“I genuinely care about the well being, growth and development of people and especially young people,” she said.

Verner was not planning on starting in high school, but she got the offer and was so excited she just jumped on it. She does not regret it one bit and would love to continue this job. Sadly, she does get a little nervous but she accepts that and moves on, working hard not letting her nerves get the better of her. To help with getting nervous Verner applies a motherly method to teaching and gets to know her students with a positive connection.

“I really enjoy teaching and I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. It energizes me and I think about it all the time, she said.

As Verner continues to teach she has to adjust to the schedule just like the students. She gets a little drained herself and can understand why the students might get tired and cranky. She pushes hard and really wants to stick with teaching. She enjoys it too much to just stop.