Charles Schmidt


Riya Kale

“I’m in HOSA, NHS, NAHS, and FORCE and I’ve been involved in Boy Scouts since I was in first grade. I started as a Tiger Scout and my father and grandfather have been really involved in it, and they got me into Boy Scouts. I’m an Eagle Scout now, so I’m finished.

We do something the district puts on called Camp-o-ree. It’s a big camp that the boys organize for the other troops in the district. I’m the SPL this year- the main youth guy. We like to get the kids engaged.

Photography is a hobby, I enjoy it a lot. I was in AP Studio Art last year, but I’m not in it this year because I’m in Clinicals. I love photography, it’s like a quick way to keep in touch with my art still. It’s amazing looking through life through a different perspective, a different lens. It’s a lot of fun.

I got onto Homecoming court because – I don’t want to say popularity- but getting to know people and being kind to one another and accepting others for who they are is very important. I would assume that’s what got me on. Being on Homecoming court was an amazing experience, I would do it again if I could. There were a lot of diverse people this go around and I got to know people that I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to know without being on the court.”