Kelly Boldt


Lucas De Almeida

Kelly Boldt

Prasiddh Chakraborty, Co-Managing Editor

The crowd falls into silence as the quarterback looks for passes to make for the fourth time this possession. The crowd grows tense as he is not able to spot any passes he could make and is being rushed by the other team’s linebackers charging towards him. Out of nowhere, the quarterback spots a target and launches the ball towards the receiver. The receiver catches the ball in the end zone and scores the game winning touchdown. In the bleacher Kelly Boldt cheers on with excitement, feeling very proud.

“I love to watch football and basketball, but I prefer to watch the college leagues more than the professional,” said Boldt. “I especially love to watch my kids play on their school teams.”

Boldt is a huge fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers as an alumni of Nebraska University, where she got her degree in secondary education. Boldt then moved down to Texas and continued to teach.

“I got my teaching license in Texas a few years ago and I have been with Katy ISD for five years now,” said Boldt.

After her visit to Guatemala over the summer, Boldt was inspired to start learning Spanish. Boldt wants to be involved in the community and be a part of it by celebrating older traditions of the society and starting new ones for it. She wants to learn different aspects and explore how different cultures and traditions work. With these ideals, Boldt also wants to help create an even stronger society at Tompkins High Schools.

“The thing I like about this new high school is that it starts small and grows into how the older high schools are. We learn as we grow and make memories. I want to help start new traditions in this school,” said Boldt.