A Project for Better Journalism chapter

The Nestline Staff: 2017-2018


Shetye Cypher

My love for journalism began in college after taking one class. I changed majors and it’s been my life ever since. “This above all, to thine own self be true.”

Managing Editor for The Nestline

Tyler Olmo

Olmo enjoys the atmosphere of the news room that the adviser, Ms. Cypher, has created. It allows him to focus and hone his writing. This is Olmo’s second year writing for J-Crew. “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how,” – Nietzche


Samyuta Rajagopalan

Rajagopalan likes that through journalism she can meet new and different people and learn from their stories. This is her second year back with the Nest. “Happy girls are the prettiest.”

Marketing Editor

Sam Hennig

Hennig loves the atmosphere of the news room. She hopes to go into business when she’s older. This is her second year with the news team. “100% take, 100% pass.”


Roque Techera

Techera likes the environment he writes in and the people he is able to meet through journalism. Writing is one of his passions. This is Techera’s first year on the newspaper team. “Live to Rock, Rock to live. Your life becomes what you make it out to be with your thoughts and actions.”

Editor for The Nest

Riya Kale

Kale enjoys writing about her community and things that affect her. This is Kale’s second year o the newspaper team.

Co-Editor in Chief of The Nestline

Rachel DeGroot

This is DeGroot’s third year on the Nestline and her second year as an editor for it. She enjoys the freedom of pursuing stories that interest her and learning about the topics that she writes about. She likes putting her ideas into creative articles. “Nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy.”


Payton Chaisson

Chaisson enjoys the pace of the class. “If you can take it, you can make it.”

Managing Editor for The Nestline

Olivia Garrett

Garrett likes learning about things she would otherwise be unaware of through the class. She is a junior this year and is in her second year on the J Crew. “Ooh-La-La”


Nicole Ruopp

Ruopp likes writing because through it she can learn new and interesting things about the going on’s of Tompkins. This is Ruopp’s first year writing for the J Crew. “With God all things are possible.” Mathhew 19:26

Editor in Chief of The Nest

Maddie Fossitt

Fossitt likes keeping up with other students and faculty about Tompkins related events and designing page layouts for the newspaper. This is Fossitt’s third year working on the newspaper team.


Lexee Decman

Decman enjoys the collaboration of the class and the tournaments and trips the J Crew goes on together. “The best is yet to come.”


Lauren Buehler

Buehler enjoys informing people about upcoming events and writing allows her to unwind. This is her first year on J-Crew. “As long as you try your best it’s good enough.”

Co-Editor in Chief of The Nestline

Drew Van Chau

Van Chau enjoys the interviewing process and learning about the people of Tompkins. This is his third year on the newspaper team. “If you wait for luck to turn up, life becomes very boring.” – Mikhail Tal


Diego Rivera

Rivera loves to write, conducting interviews and researching adds to his enjoyment of it. This is Rivero’s first year on the newspaper team. “Self-Improvement can’t happen if you’re not willing to make mistakes.”

Editor for The Nest

Celine Low

Low enjoys producing exciting concept and designing layouts that excite readers. She finds her role to be very fulfilling. This is Low’s second year writing on the Nest. “Life isn’t about finding yourself, its about creating yourself.”


Caroline Hoffman

Hoffman likes to inform people about what is going on in her school and community. This is Hoffman’s first year on the J Crew.”Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”