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Jump into Spring Break

     During Spring Break many students tend to get bored of just sitting around the house day-in- and-day-out, so here are some easy to plan spring break ideas for teenagers and their friends.

  1. Picnic with friends: As a fun way to hang out with friends, people can gather some quick snacks and lunch foods and head to a park. On a nice day during spring break it is a great way to enjoy the outdoors.
  2.  Go to the beach: With Galveston only an hour away it is an easy getaway for the day. Not only can people enjoy the beach, but they can also enjoy all of the historical sights and downtown areas of the island.
  3.  Go river rafting: Throughout Texas there are many places where people can go river rafting. In Austin there is ATXcursions, which is a company that helps visitors enjoy a nice day on the river.
  4.  Go hiking with friends: While in Austin, why not take in the view on a hike. Throughout Austin there are many trails that will give people an amazing view of the Texas capital.
  5.  Go out to brunch: With school being out it is time to catch up with friends. Going to brunch can give people the time they need to catch up while enjoying a great meal. In Katy alone there are many places that serve brunch.
  6. Night in the city: Not everyone enjoys the city, but a night on the town may just be what somebody needs. Downtown Houston has many new and exciting things going on each night that can capture all types of people.
  7.  Museum Day: Within Houston there are many museums catering to people of all ages and interests. Going to a museum allows students to still learn while on break and it is as far as downtown. Also, on Thursdays each museum has a specific time period where admission is free.
  8.  Day at the mall: Many teenagers love to shop and what better way to do that than with friends. A day at the mall is an easy way to relax. There are even two main options that aren’t very far away; Memorial City and exploring the Galleria.
  9.  Game night with friends: Not only are there day time options to catch up with your friends, but people can also enjoy some time together through healthy competition. They can have a potluck style game night and just enjoy each other’s company.
  10.  Photo shoot: Who does not love a good photo shoot? Throughout Katy there are many outdoor and indoor places where teenagers can get professional looking photos just with their phones.